Midway Contemporary Art


The Midway Contemporary Art Library serves to document, present, and preserve the recent history of contemporary visual art in a public context. Founded in 2007, its objectives are to research, collate, and catalog published material in an effort to provide the most comprehensive and accessible resource for research into contemporary art in the region.

Many titles in Midway's library extend beyond those found in most public and university libraries, with some only being included in a handful of collections across the US. With over 11,000 titles, the library contains books from a wide range of publishers from around the world. While group exhibition catalogs and monographs form the core of the library’s collection, it also contains reference material, a selection of artist books, DVDs, and an extensive selection of periodicals and journals. We are currently subscribed to a number of monthly and quarterly publications.

Midway's library is not a traditional circulating library, although we launched a lending program during 2020 that we continue to offer. For more information on library lending, visit our website.


Join us in Midway’s Library for a Twin Cities Art Week Happy Hour to peruse our most recent library acquisitions and sample some amazing N/A beverages courtesy our friends at Marigold!

Sip on a sparkling glass of NON as you browse new monographs by artists Yuki Kimura, Tony Cokes, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Frank Bowling, Nick Mauss, and Dora Budor. Additional featured titles include Kippenberger Psychobuildings, Brandlhuber+, and YU Contemporary vs. Dept. of Revenue Oregon.

You will also have a chance to view artist Karthik Pandian’s newly released video documenting his 2022 Off-Site project IN THE RIVER, a public performance with Mike Forcia, Ta Pejuta Wihcapi Win, and an ensemble of Twin Cities-based musicians, dancers, media workers, and activists. At the event, the document will be presented on a CRT monitor with headphones in the library archive.

201 6th St SE, Suite 4
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Wed–Sat 11–5
(612) 605-4504

Image: Library New Aquisitions Night. Courtesy of Midway Contemporary Art.